Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program

RAD Overview
The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program is new initiatives that will help HACY improve the quality of life for over two hundred Yuma residence currently living in Public Housing. HACY has become a participant in a new HUD pilot program, known as RAD.  The RAD is a new program initiated by HUD, to address the underfunded capital needs of Public Housing apartments across the country. Under RAD, Housing Authorities are able to raise substantial amounts of capital to rehabilitate or redevelop deteriorating public housing developments. The RAD program operates by converting public housing subsidies into Section 8 contracts that are attached to the developments. These contracts can be leveraged against private debt sources to raise the necessary funds for significant rehabilitation or renovation projects.

Benefits for Residents
The switch from public housing to the RAD Section 8 Project-Based subsidy program will allow HACY to tap resources that are not allowable in traditional public housing. RAD will allow HACY to seek private funding options that will assist in the renovation of its properties, some of which have been in long disrepair, keeping them viable and most importantly affordable. Residents benefit from the opportunity of upgraded while still paying only approximately 30% of their income towards rent.

Benefits for the City of Yuma
• RAD is a critical opportunity to revitalize and/or redevelop 235 aging Public Housing Units.
• RAD will provide HACY with the means to de-concentrate our public housing developments into more vibrant, mixed income and mixed use neighborhoods.


655 S. Magnolia Avenue, Yuma Police Substattion, Crime Free Housing 


480 S. Madison Avenue 

505 S. 1st Avenue

750 S. 1st Avenue

690 S. 1st Avenue

1800 S. 1st Avenue

2025 S. Madison Avenue

2044 Maple Avenue

2230 Arizona Avenue

2030 S. Avenue A

1924 S. Maple Avenue

656 S. 16th Avenue

600 E. 25th Street – Casa Sierra Vista

1635 W. 3rd Street

280 S. Magnolia Avenue

220 S. Magnolia Avenue

1350 W. Colorado St.

2078 S. Walnut Avenue

1940 S. Arizona Avenue

143 S. 22nd Avenue (Single Home)

175 S. 22nd Avenue (Single Home)

22nd Avenue (Single Homes)


260 S. 7th Avenue (Single Home)

625 S. 17th Avenue (Single Home)


588 A. 17th Avenue (Single Home)