About Us

About Us

The Housing Authority of the City of Yuma (HACY) was formed in 1975 by Resolution (No. 1908) of the City Council of the City of Yuma pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes. HACY was created "to act as agent for the City of Yuma to construct, maintain, operate and manage a housing project or projects of the City. " HACY has a Board of Commissioners comprised of seven members. Commissioners are appointed by City Council. The Executive Director is a non-voting member and serves as the Secretary/Treasurer.    

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The Mission of HACY:

"The Housing Authority of the City of Yuma is committed to providing decent, safe, affordable housing opportunities and efficient, professional, quality services that meet the needs of our residents and community."

HACY is an independent, public, non-profit housing agency and has a blended component unit relationship with the Arizona Housing Development Corporation (AHDC), which serves as a non-profit 501(c) 3. AHDC has a separate Board of Directors which is comprised of not less than five or more than nine members.

The Mission of AHDC:

"Arizona Housing Development Corporation is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting the general social welfare of the community through the development, renovation and/or provision of affordable, decent, safe, sanitary housing; organizational and property management services; consulting; training; resident services and community initiative programs that aid in fostering an improved quality of life."



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