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 Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher Program

HACY began its operation with funds to assist 200 families under the HCV Section 8 Program. 

Today, HACY assists 1204 families.  And, HACY administers contracts with approximately 400 local landlords and property owners, working together to provide affordable housing opportunities to persons in need.  HACY subsidizes the household rent through a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract with the landlord/owner.  HUD provides the funding needed to structure a lease agreement that sets the program participant’s rent at 30% of household income after deductions.  The voucher program includes a baseline of traditional HCV’s and other special population vouchers for youth aging out of foster care and veterans (HUD VASH).  HACY’s program operations budget is approximately $1M.  HUD’s rental subsidy portion exceeds approximately $7.4M annually.

 HACY Housing – Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD)

HACY began construction of Public Housing in 1978 beginning with 28 Units. 

As a result of a conversion from Public Housing to the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD), HACY now has 235 Units of RAD Housing in seven developments throughout the City of Yuma.   

HUD provides Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) to enable HACY to provide families affordable rental housing that is based upon 30% of household income after deductions.  HACY’s operating budget is approximately $1.6M annually.

As a result of the RAD conversion, the affordability of Public Housing remains in place, but there are fewer federal restrictions, more flexibility, stable funding, and more control of $29M in assets. 

The conversion benefited HACY, our resident community, and the City of Yuma.

In short, RAD seeks to “preserve public housing” by providing Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) with access to more stable funding to make needed improvements to properties.  In fact, HACY invested approximately $1M in initial rehab of HACY Properties to make needed improvements and more energy efficient units/properties.

Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) and Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services (ROSS) Programs

HACY provides guidance, support, education, assistance, service coordination, case management, and homeownership opportunities to approximately 300 housing program participants in the HUD FSS and ROSS Programs.  HACY typically meets/exceeds HUD Logic Model Requirements for community services and has served participants for almost two decades. HACY has been recognized as a Most Valuable Partner by HUD and has been seen as the State’s largest and most successful program. 

In 2008 and 2013 respectively, the Housing Authority City of Yuma received the HUD Phoenix Field Office’s Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award, for supporting HUD’s initiative of Increasing Homeownership Opportunities. 

HACY’s FSS Program budget is approximately $314,000 annually.  Additionally, HACY administers the ROSS Program budget for its partner, Casa Sierra Vista, and the program budget is approximately $65,000 annually.

 Community Services – The SHINE Program

In addition to the HUD FSS and ROSS Programs, HACY has established The SHINE Program.  The SHINE Program (“Diamonds in the Rough”) is an after-school sports and character education program offered to youth grades three through six.  SHINE is currently offered in four locations: two Public Housing developments and two school districts in high-poverty neighborhoods within the community.

The program is designed to promote constructive, activity during critical and typically unsupervised after-school hours.  The program is designed to teach youth the fundamentals of team sports and facilitate a general understanding of various games, such as baseball/softball, basketball, soccer, football, field-hockey, kickball, etc. Additionally, the program serves to challenge individuals physically and mentally, aids in fostering team spirit, promotes healthy competition, conditions discipline, develops citizenship and good sportsmanship, and builds youth of strong moral character.  Finally, the program focuses on physical fitness, exercise, nutrition, and overall health and wellness. 

SHINE reaches out to approximately 250 youth annually.  The SHINE Program budget is largely comprised of local donations and sponsorships as well as fundraisers totaling approximately $7,000 annually, and an annual unrestricted set-aside contribution of approximately $6,000 for program supplies, equipment, uniforms, awards and celebration.  All staff are volunteer or grant-funded.

The SHINE Program received an award from Arizona NAHRO for Program Innovation of the Year.  It was also a Finalist for Outstanding Afterschool Program and nominated for the Heart of Yuma Award.

SHINE’s Mentor Leader program was recently established, due to the commitment of select members and graduates of The SHINE Program.  The Mentor Leader program is offered to youth grades seven through twelve.  Several youth participate in the weekly training program designed to educate and develop participants to become Mentors.  In short, the participants engage in:

(1) Character Education, (2) Human Relations, (3) Physical Fitness and Nutrition, (4) Field Practice, (5) Community Service, (6) Career Planning, and (7) CPR and First Aid training and certification.

In 2016, we graduated six participants from this 36-week program and they became certified Mentors.  They all contribute as volunteers for The SHINE Program.

In 2017, we received accreditation from Arizona Western College. Today, nineteen enrolled students will receive college credit in Human Relations at the successful completion of the program.  As their capstone project, students will host a “Day of Peace” on Saturday, May 12th from 7:30 AM to Noon at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club.  This year’s program was sponsored by the Yuma Sunrise Rotary, Optimist Club of Yuma, Arizona Housing Development Corporation, and the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club.

Property Management – Business Activities

In addition to the HUD housing programs and services, HACY and its non-profit affiliate provide property management, financial, compliance, and maintenance related services for local partners, including:

  • Casa Sierra Vista – a 30 unit HUD 202 Elderly project
  • Carver Park Townhomes – a 36 unit Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) development
  • City of Yuma – 20 units of conventional residential housing and commercial space
  • Eldorado Condominiums – 61 unit condominium and homeowner’s association
  • Maple Gardens – 8 unit conventional housing project
  • Trail Estates – 3 unit PBV Section 8 project for persons with Serious Mental Illness. 
  • Mesa Heights Apartments – a 58 unit LIHTC Development with Community Resource Center

 Development – Business Activities

The housing authority has demonstrated development capability and construction management experience through the development and construction oversight of 235 units of single and multi-family housing through the late seventies to the mid-nineties, as well as, its main office building completed in 2000.  HACY partnered with its non-profit affiliate, the Arizona Housing Development Corporation (AHDC), to develop the Carver Park Townhomes – a 36 unit LIHTC project in 2003, the Eldorado Condominiums in 2005, and Trail Estates – a 3 unit PBV housing development for persons with serious mental illness in 2011.

Today, AHDC is developing a parcel of land located on Arizona Avenue, which was transferred from the City of Yuma to HACY for the development of low-income housing and an on-site community business and service center.  Through an RFP process, HACY partnered with AHDC and the Gorman and Company to develop the Mesa Heights Apartments, which is a 58-unit Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) affordable rental housing development with an on-site community resource center. 

We plan to complete construction of the Mesa Heights Apartments by July 2017.

Training and Consulting – Business Activities

The Housing Authority of the City of Yuma has a number of staff in various positions/departments with industry-related degrees, certificates, licenses, etc., and is prepared to provide training and education for a nominal fee as a means to strengthen partnerships and enhance business activities. 

History and Accomplishment

HACY has grown since its inception in 1975.  It went from a small housing operation to a multi-faceted agency offering a greater number and variety of affordable housing opportunities, multi-family development, property management, and community services.

The following is a brief summary of accomplishment and achievement over the last few years:

HACY Programs

  • Section 8 Program
    • High Performer
    • Additional 15 Vouchers for Youth Aging out of Foster Care
    • Additional 28 Vouchers for Persons with Serious Mental Illness
    • Additional 66 Vouchers for Veterans (HUD VASH)


  • Public Housing Program – Converted to RAD Housing in 2017
    • High Performer
    • Received Award from COY Clean and Beautiful Commission for Housing Renovations


  • Family Self Sufficiency Program
    • HUD MVP Award (X2)
    • Received FSS Grant (PH/HCV) – renewed $312,000 annually
    • Received ROSS Grant (CSV) – renewed $65,000 annually
    • Received ROSS Grant (PH) for six consecutive years - $390,000 (PH)
    • Provided Multiple FSS Participants with Education Scholarships
    • Produced State Recognized FSS Participant of the Year 2011
    • Produced more than 50 FSS Participant Homeowners (2008 – Present)
    • Developed Various Community Service Initiatives


  • Maintenance and Capital Fund
    • Received $539,000 in funding from American Reinvestment Recovery Act
    • Received weatherization upgrades for 100 units of housing from APS – free of charge
    • Contracted with APS to install solar panels at 18 units of public housing – free of charge
    • Instituted Desert Landscaping Plan as Water Conservation Effort
    • Instituted various other Energy Efficient Programs (i.e. LED lighting, Low Flow Water, Tankless Water Heaters, etc.)


  • Other
    • Established Fee Management Agreement with City of Yuma – Residential (25 Units)
    • Established Fee Management Agreement with City of Yuma – Commercial


 Arizona Housing Development Corporation (AHDC) – Component Unit of HACY

  • Developed and sold 61Units at Eldorado Condominiums – 11 Units of affordable homeownership
  • Established Fee Management Agreement with Eldorado HOA (61 Units)
  • Established Fee Management Agreement with Maple Gardens I and II (8 Units)
  • Developed Trail Estates, acquired Assets, and established Fee Mgmt Agreement (3 Units)
  • Developing Mesa Heights Apartments (58 Units) and Community Resource Center


Volunteer Services

Developed The SHINE Program

  • Sport Activity and Character Education for Approximately 250 youth annually
  • Partner with the Yuma School District One and Crane School District
  • Developed Community Center for Youth at Vince Nelson Apartments and 1635 West Third Street
  • Received Awards and Recognition
    • AZNAHRO/AHADA Innovative Program of the Year Award
    • Arizona Community Foundation – Nominated for Heart of Yuma
    • Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence – Finalist for Outstanding Afterschool Program

Developed Fundraising and Grant Opportunities

  • $10,000 grant from U.S. Department of Justice Weed and Seed Program
  • $10,000 grant from U.S. Department of Justice DEFY Program
  • $8,000 in grants from Arizona Community Foundation for SHINE
  • $6,200 in donations from local Real Estate Agent
  • $7,500 in donations from Optimist Club of Yuma
  • $3,500 grant from the Wells Fargo Bank
  • $8,000 in donations from Yuma Sunrise Rotary
  • 6,000 in donations from Rotary District 5500
  • $1,000 grant from Arizona Diamondbacks
  • $3,000 grant from Yuma Community Foundation
  • $1,000 grant from Target
  • Annual Softball Tournament (X5) (Average Revenue $5-6K/year)
  • Various other local donors and partners:
    • Big 5 Sport, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Food Bank, etc.
  • Provided Mentoring, Leadership and Skill Development to approximately 40 youth YTD


  • HACY was nominated as a Great Place to Work in 2009 – the Yuma Daily Sun