Community Services

Homeownership Programs

Family Self-Sufficiency participants who wish to purchase a home will have interim goals in their Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP) to prepare them for homeownership. The FSS program coordinates homeownership workshops and seeks additional homeownership assistance, such as the WISH / IDEA Programs, which offer funds that match the participant's FSS escrow amount for down payment ($4 per every FSS $1 up to $22K), and other opportunities. Attention is focused on long-term and short-term homeownership preparation and readiness. HACY utilizes an FSS Homeownership Coordinator for ongoing participant assessment and guidance as well as developing program enhancements to transition more families into homeownership. Real Estate services for FSS clients that are ready to search for a home are also available. 

HACY will provide ongoing homeownership preparation sessions in addition to referring FSS participants to WACOG, and local non-profit and governmental low-income homeownership agencies for education, counseling, and possible down payment assistance.

Clients purchasing a home through the FSS program typically finance less than 70% of the total cost of the home as their FSS funds are leveraged by multiple agencies.

In both 2008 and 2013 the Housing Authority City of Yuma received the HUD Phoenix Field Office's Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award, for supporting HUD's initiative of Increasing Homeownership Opportunities.

Section 8- Homeownership Plan

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