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HACY offers an annual briefing for current landlords in which they get the opportunity to learn about Fair Housing, Reasonable Accommodations, Tenant responsibilities, Landlord responsibilities and HACY responsibilities. 

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Landlord Information:

The Housing Authority of the City of Yuma (HACY) Section 8- HCV program allows property owners to rent to participating tenant.  If you are an existing landlord or a landlord who has never participated and choose to rent to a family in the program please read carefully and follow the steps below that are involved in renting to a family with a voucher.

  • If you are interested in listing a rental unit, please go to our New Landlord Tab found at the bottom of this page. All units must pass a Housing Quality Standards inspection before the subsidy can star. 

            Housing Quality Standards HQS Landlord Check List

  • HACY reviews the applicant for program eligibility only. When a client initially comes in through the program HACY will run a criminal back ground check on all adults as a requirement to qualify for the assistance. As in the private market, the owner is responsible to screen prospective tenants for suitability as tenants. The selection of an acceptable tenant, whether assisted or not, is limited only by fair housing requirements and the prohibition of discrimination as established by federal and state law.

  • If you choose to rent to a family in the program complete the "Request for Tenancy Approval" (RFTA) forms. Once completed submit the RFTA back to HACY. Usually
    the initial inspection can be scheduled within 15 business days from the time the RFTA is received (as long as the family has provided all of their updated income information to their housing specialist).

             How to properly complete Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA)

  • If there are discrepancies or rental adjustments that need to be made, HACY will contact you, when the unit rent amount has been agreed upon; an appointment will be made to inspect the potential unit. The Inspector will let you know at the inspection if the unit has any deficiencies you will be given time to make repairs.

  • HACY will ask that each owner certify that he/she is legally responsible for the property. We require documentation to support the certification, which includes: A property of ownership form, bank account information, and a W-9 form will need to be completed (if HACY doesn't already have one on file). 


  •  HACY will ask that you sign a "Housing Assistance Payments Contract" (HAP) with the Housing Authority, which guarantees you the subsidy payment and other benefits as long as the family remains in the unit and the unit remains in compliance with Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

            HAP Contract

  • Federal law does not allow HACY to approve a unit for rental when the owner is the parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sister, brother, or extended family of the Voucher holder or of any member of the Voucher holder's family.

  • A Landlord can greatly benefit from renting to a family with a Section 8 Voucher by the guaranteed, on time monthly subsidy payments from HACY. In addition you are also protected from financial loss if your tenant suffers unexpected financial hardship-when this happens, the subsidy payment is increased to compensate for your tenant's lower income. HACY can help prevent your vacant units from remaining empty for too long, since HACY provides lists of available units and there are usually prospective tenants who are qualified for housing subsidy assistance look for housing. Finally, even if you attempt to evict a tenant for good cause, you will continue to receive the HACY's portion of the rent until the tenant leaves the apartment.

             Direct Deposit

  • Once you are in our system you will be able to register to the landlord portal, to learn more about it please contact Raquel Sodari (928)782-3823 X123.


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