Section 8


The Section 8 program "portability" is when a family moves its assistance from one housing authority's jurisdiction to another housing authority's jurisdiction. To be eligible for portability you must be a participant of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, Project Based Voucher (PBV) Program participants are not eligible for portability.


Portability Process-Out of the City of Yuma

The family must have had legal residence in the jurisdiction of HACY at the time the family placed its name on the Section 8 waiting list; OR

The household has been receiving housing assistance from HACY for at least one year.

If you believe you are eligible to port and you would like to transfer your housing assistance to a different housing authority’s jurisdiction, please complete the Portability Request form.

Click here to download the Portability Request form


Portability Process-Into the City of Yuma

HACY is currently billing all portables. If you wish to port into our jurisdiction you need to notify your current Housing Authority. The following information will assist you in your transition. Please refer to the following steps to make your transition smoother.

Step 1.
Port Packet- Get your portability packet mailed to our housing authority. Your current housing authority must do this before we can assist you. If we do not receive this you must apply and your application will be placed on our waiting list. Mail all port packets to the following address:

Housing Authority of the City of Yuma
Attn: Portability
420 S. Madison Avenue
Yuma AZ 85364
Fax 928-343-2595

We suggest that you fax and mail your port packets to ensure that your information is received.

Step 2.
Application-When you come to our office you will need to complete an application. At that time you need to notify the receptionist that you are porting in. If we have received your port packet we will schedule a portable interview to issue a voucher and amount that you qualify for in our jurisdiction.

Step 3.
Locating a unit- You must find a unit in the time allotted by your housing authority. You can find this information on your voucher. If your voucher expires it is up to your receiving housing authority to issue an extension. Once you have found a suitable unit you must have your Request for Tenancy Approval form completed.

Step 4.
Inspection- Once you return your Request for Tenancy Approval to our office we will schedule an inspection within 10 business days of the date your unit is available for inspection. It is your responsibility to connect all utilities before the inspection is conducted. Assistance will begin once the inspection has passed and your voucher has activated. It is also the responsibility of the family to pay for all deposits and fees required by the Landlord.

Step 5.
Move In- Once the inspection has passed you may move in to your unit. All Housing Assistance Payment contracts will be completed by HACY. The only contract that the tenant is responsible for is the Lease. All initial contracts must be for the term of 1 year.